Canada the TexPark Project
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Canada the TexPark Project

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Canada the TexPark Project

SHANNON PARK, NOVA SCOTIA is a large property approximately 85/90 acres located on the Halifax Harbour. This property now site with the Crown Corporation, Canada Lands. This is the Federal Government Real Estate Office which they place lands no longer needed by the three levels of government, Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

In the case of Shannon Park the government was looking to provide this land to a developer who would develop lands with the understanding that some sport facilities would be provided. (all buildings have been demolished & cleared away by Fed Gov)

At this moment Schooner Sports has obtained the rights to a C.F.L. Franchise (Canadian Football League) but they require a 20,000 seat stadium and were hoping that the three levels of government would pay for the stadium. However, the three levels of government do not have a combined interest and believe the value of the land is more than enough.

The vision is as follows: (this is just thumbnail thoughts)
– 20,000 seat enclosed stadium ($100 mil CDN) that becomes the lost leader taking in all events i.e. football, soccer, concerts, trade shows and it becomes the draw to maintain the following:
a) 2 hotels – 1 family oriented with multiple pools (wave, diving, swimming, etc.) and the 2nd as a small casino hotel;
b) 200 condominiums
c) 800 K to 1 million s.f. retail shopping;
d) 5 finger wharfs with restaurants on each;
e) ice surface for hockey, figure skating, family skating;
f) smaller convert facility.
All of the above will make this property a world wide destination for family vacations and sport fans.
All of the lands and buildings will be controlled by the investment group, all properties except condos. Each property is leased and becomes the revenue source.
Approximate investment approximately $800 mil (USD).

Canada the TexPark Project

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